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Train the Trainer

Technical Basic Training 1

To enable you as an organizer to fully and efficiently enjoy all technical possibilities of TriCAT spaces during your virtual event, we offer the Train-the-Trainer  Technical Basic Training 1 for your successful start.

Course Objective

The Train-the-Trainer course teaches you the basic workings and the different functions of the virtual learning and work platform TriCAT spaces. This starts with the navigation in the program itself, followed by the creation of a session, to the invitation of your participants to all the functions that are necessary for an efficient online session. You will learn how to use e.g. load content onto the media walls, perform desktop sharing, interact with objects, and provide the participants with a sense of security.

Target Group

Trainers, coaches and project managers who would like to conduct an online collaboration or coaching with their colleagues, clients and customers.


The training is carried out in small groups up to max. 3 participants and lasts 1.5 hours. The costs for the Train-the-Trainer Technical Basic Training 1 are 150 euros, net per participant.


Please contact us at to book the Technical Basic Training 1 and for further information on further training offers.

Your participants learn intuitively

The operation of our virtual 3D learning and work environment is largely intuitive. Invited participants of an online session acquire during the first minutes the ability to move naturally and safely and to operate the system. If the participants go through the recommended tutorials - our self-learning programs - they get the optimal starting conditions for the session.