3D Voice over IP

Fully-integrated 3D Voice Communication in real-time


All participants in the room communicate in real time to each other. The sound is located - you will hear from which direction a person is speaking and perceive whether or not she/he is approaching or removed. This creates a natural and thus pleasant conversation situation.

Use a commercially available headset.

Natural Conversation

If you are participating in traditional telephone or online conferences, the sound of individual participants is either suppressed or overlaid with the sound of the other participants unfiltered. This can be exhausting especially during long conversations.

Thanks to the integration and location in the virtual space, conversations are conducted in the most natural way. If you want to make a short conversation with one of the participants, you can go "next door" and be separated from the other participants. This allows parallel conversations and workshops to be held during a meeting.

When you meet in the virtual world, you will experience the effect of immersion. You dive into the action and you are less distracted by external influences. You will find that after long meetings you are much more relaxed than with other meeting tools.